Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No Wonder Trace Adkins Writes Country Songs

Accident-Prone Trace Adkins Lost a Finger, Broke Both Arms, & Was Shot by Ex-Wife - Starpulse News Blog: "Country music tough guy Trace Adkins had to have his finger reattached when he sliced it off with a knife back in the days when he was working on an off-shore oil rig. The singer was trying to open a bucket when the accident happened. He says, 'They semi-successfully re-attached it.'

The accident-prone singer also broke both his arms, a leg and a handful of ribs and cut his nose off in a car crash. But the worst pain he ever felt came after his ex-wife shot him in a heated argument in 1994."


Barbara W. Klaser said...

Yeah, lots of good material right there in his own life.

Tribe said...

So that's where "Bodonkadonk" is from.