Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rogue Gator Update

Largo, Florida - A trapper has captured a gator in a lake in Ridgecrest Park in Largo. The gator may be the one which attacked and carrying off a miniature Shih Tzus Sunday afternoon. Al Clark and his two dogs, Fifi and Cassidy were romping around the lake, off their leashes, when the eight foot gator attacked. Clark says he felt helpless as he saw his 8-year-old pet FiFi being carried away in the gator's jaws. Clark scooped up his other dog, Cassidy, and put him in the car. Clark says he'll never walk Cassidy at the park again.

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Anonymous said...

On a leash, they are a controlled substance. Off the leash, they are hors d'ourves (or however you spell it). Maybe even Shih Tzu-ka-bobs.