Sunday, June 25, 2006

Competitive Eating Update

There's video at the link.

Woman eats 60 ham biscuits in eight minutes: "It's a country staple, but normally Ham Biscuits aren't devoured like this. It was a gluttonous scene at Lynchburg's Virginia Harley Owners Group rally Saturday afternoon.

One woman chomped down her biscuits faster than anyone else there. Her name is Sonya Thomas.

She's known as the 'Black Widow' in the world of competitive eating."


Dan said...

I was front and center when Sonya won the Crabcake Eating Championship in Baltimore a month or so ago. I'll have a full account of the horrific but compelling scene in the next issue of my zine, The Hungover Gourmet. When I was in Vegas for eBay Live a couple weeks ago Sonya was there signing the eBay cookbook. She's TINY... maybe 100 lbs. soaking wet and couldn't be nicer. It's funny as heck to watch her eat her way past all these big guys.

Todd Mason said...

As someone pointed out during or around one of her many public radio interviews (she comes off as a charmer), slight people have an advantage over fatter ones in these contests...the fat layers apparently constrict the stomach in those of us who've grown horizontally. Other "gurgitators" of note of late have also been striplings, who presumably resemble constrictor snakes having just eaten a piglet.