Friday, June 30, 2006

Pulp Heroes Redux

From The Shadow and Doc Savage are returning to thrill fans old and new. Anthony Tollin has acquired the license to reprint the original Shadow
and Doc Savage pulp novels, and will be publishing trade paperback
reprints in partnership with Nostalgia Ventures, Inc., a leader in the
field of radio and television nostalgia. These Shadow and Doc Savage
volumes are officially licensed by Condé Nast, the owner of the famous

"This is a dream come true for me," proclaims Anthony Tollin, the
former DC Comics professional who is also a leading pulp and radio
historian. Tollin co-authored Walter B. Gibson's The Shadow Scrapbook
in 1979, and has long desired to get Gibson's Shadow novels back in
print. "We're reissuing the classic pulp stories with the original
covers and interior art, with the type reset for clarity. We're
initially releasing the stories in a double-novel format. Our first
volume, already at the printers, reprints Walter Gibson's Crime,
Insured and The Golden Vulture, a Shadow novel that Lester Dent
wrote in 1932 that was later revised by Gibson and published in 1938.
This is the Shadow novel that won Lester Dent the Doc Savage contract.
Our first story, 'Crime, Insured' is recognized as Walt Gibson's
greatest action thriller, in which a criminal organization penetrates
The Shadow's operation and captures his major agents, and The Shadow
is trapped as the entire New York underworld invades his sanctum."

I read about this on the fictionmags list. No more details yet.


Jayme Lynn Blaschke said...

Wow! This guy's been at Armadillocon for the past five years or so. He was an inker at DC--inked pretty much every Green Lantern story during the 80s--and resigned in protest when DC had Ron Marz make Hal Jordan got nuts and kill off the Corps in "Emerald Twilight."

He does a lot of work with Stan Freberg--yes, THAT Stan Freberg. Ask him about the Shadow movie if you ever get a chance. He's got lots of opinions about that one.

Bill said...

I've never met him, though I've been to nearly all those Armadillocons. Stan Freberg? Now that's cool.