Sunday, June 25, 2006

Even Sheriff Dan Rhodes is More Efficient than This | News | CSI: New Caney: "They do things differently up in New Caney, which is a small town in the woods of east Montgomery County. Take, for instance, their methods for identifying dead bodies.

Most coroners -- if confronted with a corpse who obviously has a wallet in his pants pocket -- would check that wallet for what investigators call 'clues' as to the victim's identity.

They don't mess with such high-falutin' detective work in New Caney, where the slogan seems to be 'We'll get the right ID -- eventually.'"

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Jeff Meyerson said...

We noticed that the gentlemen did have a wallet and all, but there was no cause for alarm or reasons to be going through his things. In my opinion it would have been disrespectful...

WTF? This guy is a CORONER?