Friday, May 26, 2006

Pulp Classics

Lurid new covers for classic books.: "In the 1950s, some publishing houses opted to release literary fiction with pulp covers. A striking edition of The Sheltering Sky, for example, promised 'a strange tale in the exotic desert'—a tagline that is, when you think about it, both pulpy and apt. Taking such efforts as our inspiration, we asked a handful of designers to create lurid new book jackets for classics from The Iliad to Animal Farm. Click here to see the results."

Thanks to Rick Klaw for the tip.


Writeprocrastinator said...

Thanks for posting that, it was good stuff right down to the authentic wear and tear.

Anonymous said...

Harvey Kurtzman & Will Elder did this much funnier decades ago in Kurtzman's short-lived (2 issues) Trump magazine.

Art Scott

Unknown said...

Time for me to pull my copies and have a look.

Juri said...

I like the Moby Dick cover the best. The Alcott cover would've been better drawn if it really were a Nightstand book!