Friday, May 26, 2006

Art Buchwald Update (Some Good News)

AP Interview: Heaven can wait for Art Buchwald, looking to summer - "WASHINGTON --A funny thing happened to humorist Art Buchwald on the way to his grave.

Nearly four months after refusing potentially life-extending treatment for his failing kidneys, Buchwald is alive against all expectations. He's planning to spend the summer at his house on Martha's Vineyard, Mass., writing his twice-weekly newspaper column, finishing a book about his experience and waiting for Carly Simon -- once tapped to sing at his funeral -- to serenade him while alive."


Anonymous said...

Leave it to Buchwald! I'm glad he's having a good time.

One of the funniest things I ever read was Buchwald's "explanation" of Thanksgiving in French. I had the clipping for years. I think he was still living in Paris when it was first published. His newspaper used to print it every Thanksgiving.
Pat Browning

Anonymous said...

I met Mr. Buchwald, along with his great friend, Mike Wallace, last year in Evansville, Indiana. They were in town speaking about depression and mental health issues.

Mr. Buchwald was absolutely charming, and he took the time to speak to my mother on my cell phone. She is extremely ill, and talking to Mr. Buchwald, and Mr. Wallace cheered her up greatly. These two incredible, talented, busy men find time to reach out and touch their fellow citizens' lives in a very concerned, tender way.

My love and best wishes for everything good goes out to Mr. Buchwald and Mr. Wallace. May God bless them both forever and ever.

Thank you,

Suzanne Simnick Thurman