Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lesbian Vampire Killers

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | On the trail of Lesbian Vampire Killers: "BBC News website readers voted for Lesbian Vampire Killers as the film in Cannes they wanted to know more about. We pick up the trail.

Two young men decide to escape their problems and head to Wales for a weekend in a small village.

They arrive to find a coach-load of Swedish females and a cursed hamlet under the spell of vampires of a specific sexual persuasion.

Welcome to Lesbian Vampire Killers, a comedy horror film project from British firm AV Pictures."

Currently, Lesbian Vampire Killers is little more than a series of glossy posters and a tag-line straight from the Carry On tradition: "Two no-hopers. A Cursed Village. One hell of a night!"

The bad news is that last paragraph. Let's hope the movie gets made, and thanks to Jeff Meyerson for the tip.

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Jim Winter said...

The UK's answer to SNAKES ON A PLANE.