Monday, May 29, 2006

Life is Good | News | Gator Aid: "All over southeast Texas, alligators are back. They're in soccer fields and parking lots, garages and swimming pools, oil refineries and prison yards; they're in mobile homes, day care centers and laundry rooms; they're under the porch, on the tarmac of the airport and inside the employees' dedicated smoking area; they're probably at this moment a mile from where you're reading this. Years of protection under the Endangered Species Act have helped alligators reclaim local marshland, even if it becomes putting green. They'll settle in a pinch for the 17th-hole water hazard."

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Barbara W. Klaser said...

Yikes. Here in So. Calif. we have lots of coyotes, which are bad enough. (We have mountain lions too, but they're pretty rare.) My cat, who survived on her own for a while, knows she's better off in the house, especially at night, when she gets nervous if we leave windows open. But alligators? It takes a special kind of nerve to live in alligator country.