Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bob Dylan on XM

I have no idea why I started doing this. I have no idea why I keep on doing it. But here it is again.

Bob Dylan on XM Radio
May 31, 2006
Theme: Coffee

Ink Spots, Java Jive
Jerry Irby, A Cup of Coffee and a Cigarette
Frank Sinatra, The Coffee Song
Squeeze, Black Coffee in Bed
Otis Redding, Cigarettes and Coffee
Curtis Gordon, Caffeine and Nicotine
Lefty Frizzell, Cigarettes and Coffee Blues
Lightnin’ Hopkins, Coffee Blues
Scatman Carothers, Keep that Coffee Hot
The Larks, Coffee, Cigarettes, and Tears
Bobby Darin, Black Coffee
Sexmith and Kerr, Raindrops in my Coffee
Blur, Coffee and TV
Ella Mae Morse, Forty Cups of Coffee
The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee


Sean Chercover said...

I have no idea why you keep doing it, either.
But I'm glad that you do.

Banjo Jones said...

keep 'em comin'

i may even start listening to XM