Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Report

No doubt you're all wondering what a hip, with-it Hollywood insider such as myself thought about the Oscar telecast last night. I didn't watch. I decided to read a book instead.


James Reasoner said...

That's what I did, too. I still don't know who won anything except Best Picture (caught something about that on the news afterward, but just a snippet). I hadn't seen much of anything that was nominated this year and couldn't work up any interest in the awards at all.

I didn't watch any of the Olympics, either.

Kent Morgan said...

I had to check in late to see if Capote won any awards. It was filmed in Winnipeg and outside the city with Manitoba pretending to Kansas. The local producer Kyle Irving is just 29 and it was his first feature film. His father, a local sportscaster, is a good friend of mine and I've watched Kyle grow up and have played hockey with him many times. I even went to see Capote last week at a local discount theatre and it definitely was worth the $1.00 matinee admission.

They used the entrance to our provincial legislative building as the courthouse, which was much too fancy for smalltown Kansas. Movie companies like our downtown architecture and the tax credits they receive and the success of Capote should lead to more features. In the past couple of years we've had Brad Pitt, Richard Gere, Jo-Lo, Shirley McLaine, Brian Dennehy, Randy Quaid and Shannon Doherty is town for filming just to name a few.

By the way, you missed Larry McMurtry in his tuxedo jacket, blue jeans and cowboy boots onstage to receive his writing award.

Unknown said...

Great to hear of a local Winnipeg guy making good. By coincidence I walked into the room where Judy was watching the telecast and happened to see McMurtry take the stage. I didn't listen to his acceptance, but I did see the jeans.