Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Remembering the Alamo | Remembering the Alamo lost in time: "170 years later, tourism clouds the sacredness of the hard-fought battle

San Antonio Express-News

SAN ANTONIO - Strolling the grounds of the Alamo, where background noise is provided by hucksters across the street trying to lure tourists to their gaudy attractions, it's easy to forget that the area is sacred ground.

It was 170 years ago on March 6 that hundreds died.

Even the landmark's own gift shop can feature less-than-tasteful souvenirs (nothing says Remember the Alamo quite like a $5.25 ashtray made in China), and last spring it offered temporary tattoos as a fundraiser.

Between the commercial distractions and a population that seems permanently tethered to cell phones, keeping the sacredness of the Alamo intact has become a growing challenge for those who operate the Shrine of Texas Liberty.

'There are things we have no control over, so we control what we can,' said Bruce Winders, curator and historian of the Alamo."

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James said...

San Antonio is my hometown, and even I'm bothered by all the commercial crap that's taken root across the street from the Alamo. As recently as twenty years ago, none of that junk was there.

That said, I get very tired of people like the Britons quoted in the article, who are surprised to find a city around the Alamo. Those people seriously need to go to Brackettville and leave San Antonio off their itinerary.