Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Another Mystery*File Update!

MILTON K. OZAKI - An Homage, by Bill Crider:

Originally written and compiled
For EyeCon, 1995

In addition to being the author of more than twenty mystery novels, many of them featuring private eyes, Milton K. Ozaki, who also wrote as Robert O. Saber, was a newspaperman, an artist, and the operator of a beauty parlor.

You might know him as one of the stars of Bill Pronzini’s Son of Gun in Cheek (1987). In addition to devoting several pages to the glories of a non-PI novel (Dressed to Kill), Bill quotes what is probably my favorite line in the entire Ozaki oeuvre: “What the hell is this all about?” Hara demanded. “Damnit, I thought I made it clear that you weren’t to do any private dicking!” (Maid for Murder, 1955). "

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glen davis said...

The only Ozaki book I've read that I know of was the Case of the Deadly Kiss. I enjoyed it mainly because it was so un-PC.