Sunday, March 05, 2006

Art Buchwald in His Final Days

For many years I read Art Buchwald's column every time it appeared. He could almost always make me laugh. Then the papers I got stopped carrying it, and I never tried to find it on the Internet. I'm sorry now that I didn't.

My paternal grandfather died of diabetes, much like Buchwald is doing, after having both legs amputated. My grandfather didn't get dialysis, but I don't know that it was even available back in 1947. Like Buchwald he was upbeat, even the last time I saw him. I think they'd have liked each other.

A Visit with Art Buchwald in His Final Days:
March 04, 2006
By Suzette Martinez Standring

SOURCE:Editor & Publisher

MILTON, Mass.—Renowned author and columnist Art Buchwald has refused dialysis, and it's only a matter of time, maybe a short time, before he dies. For a man awaiting The Reaper, he's in unusually fine fettle."


Lonnie Cruse said...

Yeah, with all the technology today that can keep a person alive at all costs (and boy does it cost!) folks are often shocked when a fellow human being chooses to let nature take her course. All this machinery makes it kind of hard to know when to let go. Sounds like Buchwald knows how he wants to make his exit. I admire that.

By the way, the sunset picture is excellent!

Eleanor said...

Jeff Meyerson referred me here, Bill. I was sick when I heard this news a couple of weeks ago. The local Jewish newspaper that I get here in San Diego carried his column for years and I also read it in the Wash. Post. Thank you for sharing Suzanne's story. :)

Bill said...

You're welcome, Eleanor. I have a signed copy of one of his books, a prized possession.

Todd Mason said...

Algis Budrys, if I'm not mistaken, isn't too much better off at the moment.

Diabetes, the insidious monster.

TM, diagnosed diabetic 1994.