Friday, October 21, 2005

School Days -- Robert B. Parker

Yes, it's another Spenser, but this time there's no Hawk, and Susan is just a voice on the phone until the last chapter. Pearl, however, is omnipresent.

Spenser's hired by the grandmother of one of two boys who strolled into their school building with a pair of 9mm pistols each and opened fire. The grandma wants to prove the kid's not guilty, and when it becomes obvious that he is, Spenser decides to find out a couple of things the cops don't care about: why the kid did it and where he got the guns.

If you've read a newspaper in the last ten years or so, you'll be a long way ahead of Spenser on this one. Still I enjoyed reading it. I like Parker's writing; it's as simple as that. He's really doing a lot of books lately, it seems like. That's fine, too. Whatever he wants to write, I'll read, though I admit that I check his books out of the library instead of buying them.


Lonnie Cruse said...

Hmmm, how very interesting. Parker wrote a book without Hawk and pretty much without Susan, and his readers on DorothyL have been saying they'd like to see him do just that. Wonder if he's a lurker there, or if his fans wrote him about it, or if he just got tired of the duo in his books?

And yes, it's been pretty hard to pick up a newpaper the last few years and not read about school shootings. One of the earliest took place in Western Kentucky, not far from us, so they still interview the survivors on the news now and then. And show footage of the shooter growing into adulthood in prison. Much as I've read about it, I still don't understand the reasons behind it.

Bill said...

The reason behind the shootings that Spenser discovers might not satisfy you. It's another "ripped from the headlines" deal.

Andy J said...

I just spotted that Robert B. Parker Companion in the Strand. It didn't seem like a must have purchase and even at half price I passed it up. What willpower!