Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Emsh Covers

Check out the photoblog for a few of the covers Emsh did for the Ace Doubles series.


Anonymous said...

I never tire of looing at great EMSH covers. It's hard to believe he was so prolific for so long.

George Kelley

Anonymous said...

I certainly had a bit of an adolescent--well, "crush" would be too strong, call it an acute esthetic appreciation of Carol Emshwiller, particularly as portrayed on a few of Ed Emshwiller's 1960s covers, AMAZINGs and such. Was mildly croggled to discover the snippet of Bob Dylan singing for voter registrars in the South in the documentary DON'T LOOK BACK had been filmed by EE, and passed along to the new documentarists when Emshwiller's project was bogged down.