Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cards 5, Astros 4

Arrrgggghhhhhhhhh! One out away from the World Series. One pitch away, and Brad Lidge couldn't make it. After Eckstine's hit, Lidge couldn't make any pitches. I blame Phil Garner and Brad Asmus as much as Lidge. I haven't played baseball since Little League, but my theory would be: Pitch around Pujols, and whatever you do, don't groove him one. He hit the kind of home run that's more than a game winner. It's a stake in the heart. My prediction: Oswalt and Clemens won't be able to carry the load. Cards in seven.


guyot said...

It was the Eckstine at-bat that did it. After striking out the first two, then losing that at-bat, you could see Lidge was shaken after that.

Pujols should have never been up there as the go ahead run.

SD Byrd said...

This is one time when Garner should have been thinking out of the box and didn't. Lidge has been struggling since the last weekend of the regular season, when he blew a save against the Cubs to endanger the wild card. The last three games against the Cards have been frightening... he barely escaped the other two, and it was just a matter of time before Pujols made him pay.

If Garner had paid attention to these things, he would have turned to Qualls as closer (rather than Lidge) just to shake things up. But, of course, he would never do this, because he has to show faith in Lidge. Where Garner really screwed up and didn't have to was in telling Lidge that it was okay to walk Pujols, rather than ORDERING AN INTENTIONAL WALK. How can you not walk Pujols? The guy's a monster. I'd much rather see Sanders hit a grand slam than see Pujols win the game, because that's just stupid. It's hubris.

And while I'm at it, when will someone notice the horrible slump Ensberg's in? He's had one homer in the last month. He's the one who should have been benched, not Willie T. (although that worked out in game 4). He needs to find the zone, and quick, or the 'Stros don't have a chance. I don't care that he hit 36 dingers in the regular season; they were a long, long time ago.

Finally, Fox is absolutely horrible. It's painful to listen to their announcers, and Scooter, along with their habit of cutting to interviews in the middle of a pitch, is driving me insane.

Kent Morgan said...

I'm pulling for the Astros even if Roger Clemens is with them. However, I was happy to see Pujols hit the home run because most of the Houston players were already celebrating in the dugout. I believe Eckstein had the second best record in baseball for getting a hit with two strikes so I wasn't surprised at that. What did surprise me was Lidge walking Edmonds, who often strikes out. The pitching coach or Garner had to tell him to challenge Edmonds and let the chips aka the ball fall where it may. Once he got on and Pujols came to the plate the Astros had to pitch to him. They weren't going to put the winning run on base and move the other runners into scoring position. Lidge unfortunately hung his slider and the Astro fans know what happened.

Astros better win with Oswalt pitching because if it goes to a seventh game Clemens will lose it.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Sometimes all it takes is one mistake for the tide to turn. Buckner's wicket play, the Cubs fan who interfered, and now the Pujols homer (it was a mistake to pitch to him, or leave that pitcher in). The Cards are going home with a lot of momentum. I'm still hoping for an Astros victory, but if they don't clinch it in six they'll lose. My seven-game playoff theory is that the team who wins the fifth game will win the series.

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