Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Something Old, Nothing New

Something Old, Nothing New: "A non-technical BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL post
One more post about The Bad and the Beautiful, but this time not blathering on about the length of shots. Having seen the movie again -- and if you haven't seen it, please buy or rent the DVD -- I thought I'd make a note of which character is based on which real-life Hollywood figure. Writer Charles Schnee, director Vincente Minnelli and producer John Houseman (aka Professor Kingsfield) drew on various Hollywood stories and legends to create the film, and part of the fun of the movie is guessing who these people are intended to represent. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes less so:"

This is the intro to an interesting post. I hadn't really read much about THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, so I'd never thought about these correspondences. (You might have to scroll down to find the post.)

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