Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Alvin, Texas

As some of you know (and some of you don't), I live in swampy Alvin, Texas, about halfway between Sugar Land and Galveston on Highway 6. NASA is about 12 miles away in a different direction. The weather here in the summer is usually just about what you'd expect in a place the early Spanish explorers deemed unfit for human habitation (and there are many who agree with them, even today). But the last few days have been great. We got a rare August cool front, and we've had record low temperatures for a couple of nights. Better yet, the humidity disappeared. Getting up and out for a little jog in the morning was a pleasure. Unfortunately, the humidity has started creeping back in. By tomorrow we'll be back to the usual August pattern: middle to upper 70s at night middle 90s during the day. With plenty of humidity. But the cool front was really great while it lasted.

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