Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Worst Album Covers?

Check 'em out and decide.  Link via Banjo Jones at the Brazosport News.


  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Some old favorites there (Tino, Millie Jackson), but my new favorite is "Geraldine and Ricky" (#10) - which is like a really bad acid trip.


  2. Where did you find my yearbook picture?

  3. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Many of these are old faves familiar from the various books on the subject, but the Handless Organist is new to me. Fans of the genre can spend a lot of useful browse time at, and other linked vinyl sites.

    Art Scott, who has ca. 5000 licorice pizzas, and is proud of it.

  4. The mix here of those deserving mockery (I DIG you, Mr. Jones?) and those who really don't (THE HANDLESS ORGANIST and the various blind and otherwise disadvantaged folks) is less good than one might hope, but you did pick a particularly ripe example for your post, Bill.

    Only about a thousand lps, here. A few dozen 7" items, and a smattering of 78s...