Friday, April 17, 2009

Top Ten Spaghetti Western Deaths

Alex Cox picks his 10 favourite on-screen exits |
Film |
The Guardian
: "Death scenes tell you everything you need to know about spaghetti westerns, the most brutal and inventive of all film genres. Alex Cox picks his 10 favourite on-screen exits"

Link via Ray Banks on Twitter.


  1. Alex Cox. That guy needs to do more than one movie every seven years or so.

  2. Anything (besides Shane) done with Guthrie's stuff, Bill? I first read him a few years ago and couldn't put the series down (Big Sky, etc.).

  3. Before I forget ... Guthrie's books (at least from my point of view) were a lot more hardboiled than most modern day crime novels). I would've lasted about 6 minutes back in those wagons-across-America days. The scenes where wagon train leaders had pet dogs shot because the barking would attract trouble made me cringe (never mind the man on man violence). Great but tough stuff.

  4. I read a couple of Guthrie's novels when I was a kid. I know THE BIG SKY was filmed, and maybe a couple of others.