Friday, May 02, 2008

We're Back!

Judy and I are back in scenic Alvin after our trip to her hometown. Things went smoothly at the courthouse in Groesbeck. We were in and out in under 15 minutes, and now the house in Thornton officially belongs to Judy. After the visit to the courthouse, I couldn't resist stopping at a little antique shop, where I found a copy of a gothic novel by Gerda Cerra and a copy of Naked Portia by Marcus Miller. The latter is a Pleasure Reader from 1967. I wish I'd found a few more Pleasure Readers, but that was the only one in the store.

Back at Judy's house, we started going through things, mostly papers (letters, pictures, cards, things like that). After a while, it got too sad, so we stopped. We'll go back and do more another time. Among the things we found were a newspaper (or what's left of it) from 1929, with a front-page article about the death of Judy's grandfather. There was another newspaper with a front-page article about the marriage of Judy's parents. Maybe I'll try to scan the papers later, if I can do it without having them fall apart. The ads are great. One restaurant offered "Steak and Potatoes, 10 cents." Steak sold for 25 cents a pound in the grocery store.


  1. Todd Mason5:31 PM

    Welcome back...and glad things proceeded relatively benignly. I Googled Gerda Cerra, since I'm not up on my Koontz pseuds, and it's notable that your blog entry is already the second listing for that query.

  2. ...or, it's getting late...or the hours are just getting long...

  3. Glad the legal stuff is behind you. We've gone through several houses - my dad's, my grandparent's, and my mom's house. Lots of memories, poignant items, special treasures. My thoughts are with you . . .

  4. I've been doing this for the last four years, watching my parents slowly divest themselves of almost everything they ever cared about. It is just so sad. I'm glad Judy's Mom got to live in her own home with her own things till almost the end. It's best.