Thursday, November 30, 2017

America’s Jack the Ripper and the Downfall of Eliot Ness

America’s Jack the Ripper and the Downfall of Eliot Ness


Matthew said...

I heard that Elliot Ness was a better self-promoter than cop. Though I don't think he was completely incompetent. Oddly, I'm reading the biography of Frank Hamer, the Texas Ranger, and why there has never been a movie about him.

Max Allan Collins said...

The image of Ness as a self-promoter is false, fostered by real self-promoters like Frank Wilson and Elmer Irey. Stay tuned for SCARFACE AND THE UNTOUCHABLE: AL CAPONE, ELIOT NESS & THE BATTLE FOR CHICAGO by A. Brad Schwartz and myself.

Art Scott said...

When I was growing up in Cleveland (50s-60s) the Torso Murders weren't mentioned at all. I didn't even learn of them until years later, in the book Cleveland Murders, whereupon I realized that I had ridden the rapid transit right through Kingsbury Run on innumerable Saturdays, going downtown to root out used books comics at Kay's New and Used Book & Magazine Supermarket. Eliot Ness as Public Safety Director was the subject of some joking during the heyday of The Untouchables: "The stoplight at 9th and Euclid is out! Lee, Rico, Youngfellow, take the squad and put in a new bulb!" But I don't ever recall his association with the Mad Butcher being discussed in newspaper stories of the time. Probably didn't want to bring up the subject as a blot on the city's reputation (this was before the river caught fire).

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