Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hey, Vern: It's the Ernest P. Worrell Story

Hey, Vern: It's the Ernest P. Worrell Story: In her review of the 1991 children’s comedy Ernest Scared Stupid, The Washington Post film critic Rita Kempley described the titular character, the dim-witted but well-meaning Ernest P. Worrell, as “the global village idiot.” As portrayed by Kentucky native Jim Varney, Ernest was in the middle of a 10-film franchise that would see him mistakenly incarcerated (Ernest Goes to Jail), enlisting in the military (Ernest in the Army), substituting for an injured Santa (Ernest Saves Christmas), and returning to formal education in order to receive his high school diploma (Ernest Goes to School).

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Howard said...

I used to watch the Ernest TV show with my young son. We both especially liked the "My Father, the Clown" skits.