Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Crazed -- Jacob Stone

It's no secret that "Jacob Stone" is actually Dave Zeltserman, and I have to confess before commenting on the book that it's dedicated to me and that it has some nice things to say about me in the acknowledgements.  

Crazed is a serial killer book with a difference.  Several differences, really.  The protagonist is Morris Brick, a retired cop, who now owns a detective agency.  He's called in by the L. A. police to help find a serial killer.  Brick is a family man with family plans.  And he has a swell dog.  He doesn't want to get involved, but of course he does.  Then he finds out that the killer is targeting his clients.  What he doesn't know is that there's an aspiring screenwriter who's onto the killer and who's following him around.  What he also doesn't know is that the killer has a mentor, one of the characters from Deranged, the previous book in the series, and which I recommend for the great twist in the middle (which is the reason I'm not telling more about the mentor).

Naturally a book like this has a certain amount of gore, so it's not for cozy fans, even though Brick's home life and dog would fit right into a nice cozy mystery.  This makes for a nice contrast in the novel, which moves fast and makes for entertaining reading.  Great stuff if you like serial killer thrillers with a difference and highly recommended.

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