Friday, September 22, 2017

But I Did

Nicolas Cage Movies You Had No Idea Existed


Mathew Paust said...

The beeeeees! Not the beeeeeeeeees!!

Deb said...

Seems as if the phrase "Oscar-winning actor, Nicholas Cage" has long since been mothballed.

Jeff Meyerson said...

But how many of them have you seen, Bill?

I do like the sound of PAY THE GHOST. But INCONCEIVABLE missed a bet by not having Wally Shawn as his co-star. THE TRUST? ARMY OF ONE? Sound dire, much like Nic's career at this point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to my local library I watch a lot of Nicholas Cage movies. I think someone in acquisition may have had a crush on Cage at one time. Sure I could choose not to watch them but maybe I too have a crush of sorts on Cage.

I have seen 10 of these movies. TEN!!! That is a lot of Nic (and John Cusack).

The Trust
Dod Eat Dog

They are all worth watching. They are all good movies. They are also well made movies.

Of the other 7 of the 10 I have seen - Cage fans will enjoy them (we always enjoy them).

d. middleton