Wednesday, September 20, 2017

10 Creepy Psychological Thrillers

10 Creepy Psychological Thrillers: In Jane Robins's novel, White Bodies, Callie Farrow, who works in a London bookstore, becomes obsessed with every aspect of the life of her glamorous twin sister, Tilda, a well-known actress, after Tilda marries the controlling Felix Nordberg, a wealthy financier. Callie believes that Tilda is in danger. The plot forcefully builds to a shocking finale as Robins skillfully explores the dynamics between sisters, mental health issues, and manipulative behavior. Robins picks 10 of her favorite psychological thrillers.


Steve Oerkfitz said...

No books by men?

Anonymous said...

Now Steve, you're being a misogynist for even noticing that!

Don Coffin said...

"Grieving Jenna Gray, in the aftermath of his death, moves to a remote, ramshackle cottage on a cliff by the sea."

Anyone could tell you that was a bad idea and unlikely to work out well.