Sunday, August 13, 2017

Song of the Day

(22) Johnny Cash - Sunday Morning Coming Down - YouTube:


Cheryl Pierson said...

Bill, I saw an interview with Kris Kristofferson talking about when Johnny Cash performed this on tv--they didn't want him to sing "wishin' Lord that I was stoned" and had something they changed it to --I think "wishin' Lord that I was HOME". Well, Johnny agreed to sing it that way sort of, but when he got on there, Kris said he looked right at him and sang it the way Kris had written it. Kris said that meant so much to him. This is one of the best songs ever--I love to hear either of them sing it.

William Seward said...

One of my favorite songs. Oddly, I hadn't thought of it in quite awhile but I woke up, I think this last Sunday actually, with it in my head! And here it is!