Saturday, April 15, 2017

Clifton James, R. I. P.

Clifton James Dead: 'James Bond' Sheriff Dies at 96: His long list of roles includes the swaggering, tobacco-spitting Louisiana Sheriff J.W. Pepper in the Bond films.


Unknown said...

I imagine you'll soon be hearing from Max Allan Collins about his favorite Clifton James role: as crooked Lt. Quint in the short-lived City Of Angels.

Meantime, I'll mention my favorite Clifton James role: as Red Kilgren (aka S. Claus) on All My Children (circa 1996).

Any others of you with your faves - line forms here.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Wow. 96. I hadn't realized that.

Unknown said...

He was great as Quint, and I remember his S. Claus role well. Judy was a big fan of ALL MY CHILDREN.

Max Allan Collins said...

Mike Doran is correct. That was Clifton James' role of a lifetime -- funny and terrifying, perhaps the greatest crooked mean cop ever.