Monday, April 10, 2017

24 Celebrity Books That Are Actually Real

I knew about #3.
24 Celebrity Books That Are Actually Real


Jeff Meyerson said...

"A guide to creeping on girls"? Who wouldn't want to read that? The Situation is in deep tax doo doo.

Who is/was Ramona Singer? Never heard of the b!tch.

Now Flavor Flav is different. Flav is the Man!

No Mama June? Duck Dynasty?

You can admit it. You have a signed copy of #3, right?

Unknown said...


Steve Oerkfitz said...

Read the Bruce Campbell. I'm a fan of his and I have seen him a couple of times introducing his movies. He's quite funny and very self deprecating. He is local to this area.

Don Coffin said...

1) TWO Judge Judy books?
2) Bill claims to have known about 3 of them. I've never heard of 6 of those "celebrities," but I gave up on network television a long time ago.

Mike Stamm said...

I've read--and enjoyed--#s 17 and 20, though I probably wouldn't re-read either one. The rest (especially #1) would probably make excellent kindling.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Just checked. Ramona Singer is/was? one of the (so-called) Real Housewives (sic) of New York.