Saturday, December 10, 2016

Song of the Day

All seven are gone now.
Kingston Trio-These Seven Men - YouTube:


Steve Oerkfitz said...

More faux folk music for white middle class suburbanites.

Andi Shechter said...

I was neither middle class nor a suburbanite and I still loved the Mitchell Trio and Kingston Trio AND Peter, Paul and Mary. I don't see that it's necessary to sneer. No one was pretending that the Nick, Bob and John were singing Childe ballads. They had some rather fine political work and they sang good music. I know that it's considered very uncool to have liked the Limelighters and the trios, but I liked them as much or more as Baez, Seeger, Paxton or Ochs,or MacColl, even if I don't love trad Scottish and sea chanteys. I don't think it's all that fair to call it faux. Some "very old"folk songs are a generation old, some are afew hundred. As Pete used to say "it's the folk process." And he never minded singing with anyone.

Anonymous said...

Andi-Sorry, I was being a bit harsh here. You made some good points and I come off being a bit of a jerk here.