Monday, December 05, 2016

PimPage: An occasional feature in which I call attention books of possible interest

Otto Penzler, ed. - Silent Night, Deadly Night | The Mysterious Bookshop: Ah, the Christmas season. The scent of roasting chestnuts fills the air, turkeys cook in every household oven, and mistletoe is hung in every unsuspecting doorway. But beneath this cheerful Yuletide veneer, a seedier reality lurks, as a criminal element continues to ply its dastardly trade in secret, disguised by the joyous songs of carolers young and old… At least, that’s the case in the pages of this volume, in which some of crime fiction’s biggest names offer a playful take on the holiday’s most beloved melodies, including such soon-to-be classics as “Arrested Merry Gentleman,” “How Come You’re Not Faithful,” and “I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus.”  

I'm among "many others" who contributed to this little anthology.  My "Frosty the Blowman" is in there somewhere.  I'd forgotten all about it, as the book was to be published eight years ago.  Things went wrong with the original publisher, and when Otto Penzler was going through his files, he decided to publish the book himself.  Check it out.


Don Coffin said...

Appears to be available only directly from The Mysterious Bookshop? (At least at this point Amazon has not heard of it...) I have to admit,, paying a minimum of $5.50 for shipping is not an inducement.

Unknown said...

It's a novelty item, with some of the "profits" going to charity. The postage sure isn't an inducement.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Too bad. Sounds cool.