Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mose Allison, R. I. P.

Rolling Stone: Influential blues and jazz pianist Mose Allison, whose songs were covered by an array of rock veterans, died Tuesday at the age of 89 of natural causes. Allison's daughter, Amy, confirmed the musician's death to Rolling Stone.


Fred Zackel said...

I saw Mose in El Matador on Broadway in San Francisco around 1974. As I was leaving, I saw Clint Eastwood had been there, too. Amazing night!

Don Coffin said...

I saw something on FB about this, but the link was to some site I'd never heard of, and I could find nothing else. So I discounted it. I'm sorry to discover it was true.

Howard said...

"So meet me at no special place, And I'll be there at no particular time."