Thursday, November 10, 2016

I'm Sure You'll All Agree

26 Long Books Worth the Time They Take to Read


Cap'n Bob said...

I read one.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Bleak House
War and Peace (though it was probably an abridged edition)
The Stand
Lord of the Rings

Deb said...

I've read several--my favorite is MIDDLEMARCH. (I guess THE FORSYTHE SAGA wasn't included because it's a series of individual books.)rarely worry about the length of a book. If it holds my interest, I don't worry about page count. Otoh, if a book doesn't grab me after 50 pages, I'll move on, regardless of length.

Don Coffin said...

I am reminded of Woody Allen's crack about speed reading & War and Peace: "I read War and Peace in 5 minutes. It was about war."

I've started more than half of those, and finished 3 (The Brothers K; LOTR, and Power Broker).