Sunday, November 06, 2016

All the Little Liars -- Charlaine Harris

Aurora Teagarden is back, and things seem to be going well for her.  She's married to best-selling writer Robin Crusoe, she's pregnant, and her half-brother, Phillip, is living with her and Robin, having escaped California and their good-for-nothing father.  Phillip is a teenager and seems like a good kid.  He and Robin like each other, he's made friends with some other teens in town.

But of course things go wrong.  Phillip and three other kids, one of them an eleven-year-old girl, disappear.  Then another teenager is found dead.  Days pass with no word, and things are looking desperate.  When Aurora's father shows up and proves he hasn't changed a bit, things get tense in the house.  As you might guess, Aurora does a bit of amateur sleuthing, but I'm not saying how it all works out.

Harris takes on a lot of things in All the Little Liars, but the big ones are bullying and family relationships.  If you think the book is a cozy, you'd be selling it short.  This is some edgy stuff, well done.  Check it out.

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