Monday, October 03, 2016

And You Thought TV Was Out of Ideas

ABC Orders ‘The Gong Show’ Revival Series Produced By Will Arnett


Jeff Meyerson said...

Jackie: "Oh, God."

Without Gene Gene the Dancing Machine there is no reason to watch.

Unknown said...

I once read an interview with Rip Taylor, a frequent Gong Show judge.

According to Taylor, the whole show was a put-on.
Everybody got paid.
Remember the odd amount of the prize money? That was scale after the FICA tax was deducted.
And note how the most embarrassing gags happened to Chuck Barris himself - by design.
I remember one where Barris went to a commercial, then tried to do a heel-kick - whereupon he fell backward into the curtain - which promptly fell on top of him in a heap.
Funny gag - but it had to be timed out to work.
It was, and it did.

Whether the new crew gets this - we shall see ...

Unknown said...

I was a fan. Loved Jaye P. Morgan.