Sunday, October 02, 2016

9 Novels with Great Long Sentences

9 Novels with Great Long Sentences


Karin said...

All but one (Woolf) are translated from other languages into English. Coincidence? Because translators are not bound to follow the punctuation of the original language, this raises some interesting questions.

I tend to prefer short, clear sentences to long, hard-to-follow sentences, but some writers (and translators) can pull off the long and winding ones. Dickens was pretty good at it.

Mike Stamm said...

If memory serves, this was also an area in which Faulkner excelled, and the late Don Robertson (see PARADISE FALLS, for example) wrote sentences that went on for pages.

Deb said...

List lacks all credibility without examples from Henry James (especially his later novels, written as they were with the aid of a dictograph machine which enabled him to essential ramble through incredibly long--but ultimately diagramable--sentences) and, of course, William Faulkner, the long sentence master nonpareil.