Friday, June 03, 2016

Today's Vintage Ad


Don Coffin said...

I never wanted a job in the Army, so I guess I don't need this.

Victor Wadsworth said...

You have to shower with men, now if they changed that to women I would be tempted.

Howard said...

When ( was drafted into the army (1968) you could specify the type of job you wanted, but the one you got pretty much depended on what they needed at the moment. Unfortunately for many, they needed lots of infantrymen, to go to Vietnam and creep through the jungle and shoot the hell out of Charlie.

I was just plain lucky and through a series of events (basically volunteering, then later "unvolunteering" for Officer Candidate School) got into a "base camp warrior" position in Vietnam wherein I only got seriously shot at a few times. My basic training buddy wasn't so fortunate. He got to be a grunt and was sent home in a box.

PHILIP GWYN NICHOLS is honored on Panel 25W, Row 108 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. RIP, buddy.