Sunday, May 08, 2016


Alfred Hitchcock Introduces A Crime for Mothers and Others: Stores by Henry Slesar, Arrow Books, 1963


J. Juday said...

I can just hear him saying this. Wow.

Mike Doran said...

That's the British edition (3/6", or three shillings and sixpence).
I've got the US edition from Avon, which came out a year earlier (40 cents, or "What do they think we are, millionaires?" - prices were just starting to go up in '62).

Avon's got an ad tagline on the cover:

Sixteen sadistically savory stories to be read for fun and profit by the whole family!

The Hitchcock quote is most likely the work of Hitch's TV writer, James Allardice; Hitch liked his work so much that he put Allardice under contract to do virtually all his public statements during the TV run.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info, Mike!