Sunday, May 08, 2016


Alfred Hitchcock Introduces A Crime for Mothers and Others: Stores by Henry Slesar, Arrow Books, 1963


J. Juday said...

I can just hear him saying this. Wow.

Mike Doran said...

That's the British edition (3/6", or three shillings and sixpence).
I've got the US edition from Avon, which came out a year earlier (40 cents, or "What do they think we are, millionaires?" - prices were just starting to go up in '62).

Avon's got an ad tagline on the cover:

Sixteen sadistically savory stories to be read for fun and profit by the whole family!

The Hitchcock quote is most likely the work of Hitch's TV writer, James Allardice; Hitch liked his work so much that he put Allardice under contract to do virtually all his public statements during the TV run.

Bill Crider said...

Thanks for the info, Mike!