Saturday, May 14, 2016

Freedom from the Freeway - The Reburial of Liver-Eating Johnson

Freedom from the Freeway: Have you heard the tale about the teacher who inspired a seventh-grade class to dig up an 1800s Montana fur trapper buried by a California freeway and rebury him back in the heart of the Old West?


Mike Stamm said...

I knew that Johnston was buried, incongruously enough, in Los Angeles; I had not heard that his body had been moved. Fascinating addendum to a fascinating, if often grisly life story (which bears only a casual resemblance to the Redford movie, excellent though it is).

Jeff Meyerson said...

Liver-Eating Johnson is one of the great names. He would have made a great running mate for Donald Trump.

Unknown said...

And the best Liver-Eating Johnson story of all is "Winter on the Belle Forche" by Neal Barrett, Jr.