Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mike Lazo, R. I. P.

Mike Lazo, Lead Singer of The Tempos Dies at 83: On April 12, 2016, after a long illness, Michael Lazo passed away at the Charles Morris Skilled Nursing facility. He was born on May 1, 1932, to the late Michael and Susan Lazo. Early in life, he discovered that he had been gifted with a wonderful and versatile singing voice. While still a boy, he sang weekly on the local KDKA Betty Dugan radio program. After graduating from Taylor Allderdice in 1949, he served in the Army and was stationed in Korea. While serving he met the late Gene Schacter with whom he went on to form The Tempos, a quartet which also included Jim Drake and Tom Minito.


Jeff Meyerson said...

Jackie has always been a huge fan of the original version of "See You in September" over the Happenings' version, and I had to buy the AMERICAN GRAFFITI soundtrack to get a copy of the Tempos' version, which is definitely superior to the faster remake.


Unknown said...

Yes, the originals are nearly always better.

Ann (Lazo) Shapiro said...

Thank you, gentlemen. Mike Lazo was my father--I appreciate the comments.

Ann (Lazo) Shapiro