Sunday, April 10, 2016

Can't Dance Forever -- Jon Dalton

Can't Dance Forever features Neal "Wolf" Mallory, a formerly of military intelligence, now retired in Florida.  He's asked to assist in the search for a missing boy, who might've been the target in a drive-by shooting.  Meanwhile there's been a series of gruesome murders.  It won't surprise you to learn that there's a connection.  

From the first the problem of the missing boy is an odd case, as Mallory finds himself dealing with the boy's aunt, who refuses to tell him where the boy is (but who drops a truly weird hint) and a sexy high-school teacher who's either alcoholic or slightly crazy (or both, and more) and who seems intent on seducing Mallory.

Eventually the case expands to become much more than it had seemed, and Mallory's forced to call on old friends and finally his old secret organization for help in sorting things out.  Lots of people die, while others are beaten or tortured, so be warned: This isn't a cozy.

The book's title is, in part, a reference to Mallory's partner, Vicki, who dances at a club.  Their relationship is at a crossroads when the book begins, and it's greatly complicated by events in the novel.  Check it out. 

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