Monday, April 11, 2016

Coming from Stark House Press

STARK HOUSE PRESS: Scratch a Thief / House of Evil 978-1-933586-99-1 Two classic crime stories from the early 1960s: a cop with a grudge pursues an ex-con who wants to go straight, and a failing B-actor becomes involved with a Hollywood sex cult. New introduction by Ki Longfellow. May 2016.  

What this description doesn't tell you is that the book contains a wonderful memoir/introduction by Ki Longfellow.  I know you're tired of hearing me say it, but Stark House has the best introductions anywhere, and this is another one that's worth the price of admission.


George said...

I'm ordering this book right now, even though I have the originals! I agree: STARK HOUSE books have the best introductions.

Randy Clark said...

I had gotten a used copy of a Stark House collection of three Harry Whittington novels from Amazon for literally one cent and postage. It arrived today and I found that it had an inscription and autograph from David Lawrence Wilson, who wrote the introduction.

Bill Crider said...

And a great intro it is, too.