Thursday, March 31, 2016

Forgotten Music: The Paul Simon Masterpiece Even Paul Simon Overlooks

The Paul Simon Masterpiece Even Paul Simon Overlooks


Deb said...

I still love THERE GOES RHYMIN' SIMON the best.

/In one of Carrie Fisher's books, she wrote about "Hearts and Bones" and how their relationship was essentially over when Simon wrote it.

Don Coffin said...

I always liked that album...the songs felt very different, more mature (as weren't we all y that point?). My favorite album remains "Bridge.." My favorite solo is nearly perfect. But Paul Simon is wonderful;
sill Crazy...I can listen to any time; and ...Rhymin' Simon is pretty much a masterpiece. Maybe I just like Paul Simon (after Dylan, maybe my favorite contemporary songwriter). I still remember hearing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (the song) for the first time. I was driving from Madison, Wisconsin (grad school) to Greencastle, Indiana (where my fiancé was finishing her BA), late night, snow piled feet deep on the side of the road, and Art's beautiful tenor..."When you're down and out/When you're on the street/When evening falls so hard/I will comfort you..." First time I'd ever heard it, and it has stayed in my soul ever since.

Unknown said...

I have most of Simon's solo albums and several by the duo. "Bridge over Troubled Water" with Art singing it is a genuine classic. But I feel that way about a lot of Simon's songs.