Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Once Again Texas Leads the Way

Texas Republicans will allow people to openly carry guns at its state convention


Deb said...

What could possibly go wrong?

Jeff Meyerson said...

And if the Republicans practiced what they preach instead of being hypocritical weasels, the same would be true of the National Convention in Cleveland.

That is one of the few things I can think of that might get me to watch.

Deb said...

Jeff--George Clooney, Richard Dreyfus, Stephen Stills, Tony Kornheiser, and Michael York could appear on stage together at the Convention singing, "Secret Husband's/Deb's Secret Husbands" to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and I STILL could not bring myself to watch.

/Yes, I have a lot of secret husbands.

Jerry House said...

Jeff, the Secret Service put the kibosh on guns at the National Convention. Otherwise, I too might watch.