Wednesday, September 02, 2015

I Miss the Old Days

The '60s at 50: September 1965: Tiger Beat


Todd Mason said...

Dave Marsh has been always careful to credit TIGER BEAT particularly (iirc) for sneaking in some thoughtful pop-music coverage before the likes of CRAWDADDY, ROLLING STONE or Marsh's (initially) CREEM made a point of doing such. (Latter-day CREEM tended to be dumbed down.)

Deb said...

I used to love Tiger Beat. Gloria Stavers was a real trend-setter. For better or for worse, she was a prime mover in the early marketing specifically to teen girls.

Deb said...

Oops--Gloria was the editor of Tiger Beat rival 16--but they're blended in my mind: Beatles, Monkees, Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy (I was a little too old when he came along).