Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cop Job -- Chris Knopf

Chris Knopf has devoted his recent books to a couple of other series sleuths, but former corporate troubleshooter and current cabinetmaker Sam Acquillo returns for Cop Job, along with his friend Jackie Swaitkowski, who has her own series.  

Alfie Aldergreen is a wheelchair-bound paranoid schizophrenic, a well-known character in the Hamptons, and when he's fished out of the local harbor, duct-taped to the chair, it's obviously a case of murder.  Swaitkowski has been an advocate for Alfie, and Sam was also acquainted with him, and the police chief asks them to look into things, since Alfie was also a police informant and is the third of that group to be recently murdered.  And since it appears that there might be some connection between the murders and the department.

Acquillo is a prickly guy, to put it mildly, which he never does.  When someone attacks his daughter in New York City, he gets more than mildly upset.  Experienced readers will know from the start that there's some connection to the murders, but it takes a while for things to get sorted out because the whole affair is a lot more complicated that it seemed to be at first.  Knopf ties it all together at the end, however, in a smoothly written story that's a nice mixture violence, action, character.  There's a touch of humor, too.  Check it out. 

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Jeff Meyerson said...

I've only read his Arthur Cathcart books. I suppose I should try one of the others.