Sunday, August 30, 2015

Oxford Comma Update

And once again Texas leads the way!

Some Parents Upset With Teacher’s Illustration Used In Lesson: The picture was used to illustrate the importance of the Oxford comma. It shows without using a comma before the word “and,” whoever is writing the sentence is calling JFK and Stalin strippers.


Deb said...

The example could have used any number of other names/nouns to make the point. Surely the teacher knew that this example would not be well-received. I'm afraid some people court their own ruin.

/otoh, I had a teacher in high school who conjugated the verb "to fart" for her remedial English class. She said they'd never forget standard conjugation again with that example. As far as I know, she never got into any trouble, but (sadly) the early seventies had more common sense than today.

Unknown said...

I miss the old days.