Sunday, August 09, 2015

10 Most Dangerous Toys for Children

10 Most Dangerous Toys for Children   

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Deb said...

Ah yes, Clackers. You were nobody if you didn't have a set of them in the eighth grade. How any of us still have two functioning eyeballs is beyond me.

In about 68/69, I had something called A Super Thing-Maker. You poured a latex-like product into "scary" molds (spiders, etc.) and put the molds in a little metal oven that got so hot it melted an oilcloth tablecloth. You had to remove the mold with tongs and then (after cooling-- which no kid ever waited for) remove your bug. I still remember nonchalantly baking away with my four-year-old sister playing on the floor next to me. I shudder to think about it now.

Unknown said...

My kids had Clackers but not the Thing-Maker. Thank goodness.

Graham Powell said...

No "My First Sawblade Shooter"?