Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An Op-Ed by a Frequent Commenter Here

Another Voice: Affordable, quality college education should be a priority


Deb said...

George telling it like it is! My oldest daughter has close to $30,000 in student loan debt--and that will be hanging over her head for a long time. Meanwhile, I'm amazed at the number of high school kids who don't know their multiplication tables or basic addition/subtraction math facts or the eight parts of speech--and still plan to go to college.

/I fear for the future!

Jeff Meyerson said...

Well put, George.


Cap'n Bob said...

When I went to community college in California the tuition was $3.50.

Cap'n Bob said...

Perhaps I should have said registration fee.

Rick Robinson said...

There are many, many students who just walk away from their student loan debt and repay little if any, ever. I was able to pay as I went by working while in college, but it was cheaper then, and I didn't have to take those remedial classes, as I had a solid high school education. There doesn't seem to be a lot of that solid high school teaching /learning these days.

Good opinion piece, George.

Gerard said...

As tuition prices go up I realize how fortunate I was to have my parents cover my tuition costs twenty years ago.

University funding in WI has followed the same downward trend. Tuition rise is capped but state funding is getting cut - $250,000,000 this year. I'm told the UW-Madison campus has been relying more and more on out-of-state students since they pay more and their tuition costs are not capped.

I'm told that the new bigger and more expensive apartment buildings by the campus are to appeal to the monied students coming from the East and West coasts.